Santa Cruz: just a peek

tacos tonight
a recap of the weekend, this gentalman was out by himself this weekend and caught some really nice rockcod. Here he showing two of his better ones a vermillion and a gopher that he caught on squid with a rockcod rig in early morning out past the lighthouse.

June 14, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - June 14, 2010

    Its kind of a stain to do but have your more axious buddy willing to go fishing haul some live shinners you can jig up and hit the kelp south of the wharf. Halibut are taking the sardines but the shinners worked out well. It seemed like the halibut could get the shinners down in one bite and the hook sets were rock solid.

    Dropping down to #15lb test florocarbon seemed to increase the bite as well based on the size of the current flatties 6-10lbers which seem to be filing in each day from the same spots.

    One fish slammed a shinner and snapped the #15 like thread and I never will hear the end of it as it may have been a big ling or a big halibut. I think it was a big leopard shark the way it hit and took off but will never know and that the fun part of pot luck bait fishing in the ocean.
    Anything is possible.

    For those who need a little humor check out all the B.P oil spoofs on the internet. There is one about pre-oiled fish already coooked up and ready to go. The oil soaked gulf fish and animals super heat an die from being soaked in crude oil.

    No such problems like that around here just nice weather,a steady supply of nice halibut and rock fish and some interesting critters over by pot belly beach.

    A huge botttom shark like 150lb class with black dots all over it which we can’t figure out what is has been popping up its dorsal fin over by potbelly beach and rolling around time to time. Someone is going to get their reel smoked when this critter takes a bait

  2. Keeny G - June 14, 2010

    The award for this years first 30lb halibut goes to MBC charters on June 6th apparently sticking it off the light house. Had to happen sometime as were into summer. Lets ee if someone can stick a 40