Capitola: Pepe is back in town

Steven and halibut
Though that didn’t stop Steven from scoring this flatty. He was fishing the west side kelp bed and found a bite later in the afternoon. He was using a live sardine on a halibut rig from his raft. This makes Steven our non-commercial highliner for the day (Kurtis caught a larger one in the same area today).

There were a fair amount of skunk reports today. You can blame that on this probably:

We still have a bit of a swell from the south – this has scattered bait a bit. We had reports that some of it was jiggable by New Brighton beach, but you definitely have to work for it.

The warf saw lots of perch – shiners and walleyes.

June 15, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - June 16, 2010

    While some of the fatter flatties are getting reported there are a bunch of keeper 23-26inches not. These halibut while not scale busters beer batter just fine and are hungry. Not much in their stomachs.

    Any live bait gets in there path and its a sure bite. The halibut want food,a few hitting white traps,small chrome but dead or live bait is working well. Live being preferred but still dead is working. What seems to be working is going spot to spot and giving each thirty minutes. No bites ,move on. The flatties are shallower this year. Still waiting for the beasty size reel bearing busters which have to be showing up any day,25-30lbers. Maybe they are in their spawn and getting hungrier. Outside kelp towards New Brighton beach giving up daily buts for those working it. The swell no so helpful but who cares,Jig fishing it just works the lure for me. Straight up and down yo yo with 5-6inch white trap also hitting mongo cods, a few lings and schools of stripers showing but a bit shyer on the bite. They seem to hit towards evening when its on.

    Would like to see some salmon return soon,june is usually a hot month for them.there hiding some where we have not figured out yet.

    Kurtis is a force of nature when it comes to fishing. Some fishermen just have it in their blood and fish just come easier for those so blessed. It also does not hurt to be on the water sun up to sun down. When you love to do something it shows and the steady fish count is no surprise