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Capitola: Starfish have a thousand little fingers

Jeremy and Shane and starfish
Here are Jeremy and Shane with the large-ish star fish they brought up in their crab net. No actual crabs yet but starfish can be quite entertaining. It’s the underside that has all the action.

Today bait was pretty sparse out in front of the marina and in general was just spread out a lot. It appears to have made a move toward New Brighton for the moment – boats were jigging up sardines pretty easily over there.

Obviously the halibut are really starting to come alive. We’re considering just putting Myron on a boat this weekend and telling people to follow him around – he’s got mullet power.

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Capitola: Recycling can get you free fish

Bert and halibut
Bert caught this 23 incher off the wharf just now using a bait jig he found laying on the deck. He laced it up with some shrimp bits and voila – dinner. Pretty sweet! He just let it run ’til it got tired and then got some help landing it with the net. Congratulations Bert!

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Capitola: Butters Better Bait Bucket ™

Joey and halibut
Joey caught this one off New Brighton beach in his fancy new kayak. He was using live sardines on a flyline – he was casting toward the beach. This one bit around 9:30 this morning. Butters has a pretty sweet live bait well going on, we’ll probably all be working for him in 20 years.

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Capitola: The mullet is only a quarter of what it once was, yet apparently is twice as powerful

Myron and halibut and cabezon
Myron the Mariner caught these two beauties – a 9 poundВ  halibut and aВ  5 pound cabazon – both around the old Sponge Bob spot using live sardines. The cab bit somtime this morning, the flattie just after noon. It’s possible there was quite a lot of halibut activity in that area today – Myron lost one in the morning right at the boat (drag too tight, fish ran, snapped the line), and the stenographer had a couple bites that were distinctly halibut-like.

We are working up a price list for bits of Myron’s lucky new mullet – details will be forthcoming.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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