Capitola: The mullet is only a quarter of what it once was, yet apparently is twice as powerful

Myron and halibut and cabezon
Myron the Mariner caught these two beauties – a 9 poundВ  halibut and aВ  5 pound cabazon – both around the old Sponge Bob spot using live sardines. The cab bit somtime this morning, the flattie just after noon. It’s possible there was quite a lot of halibut activity in that area today – Myron lost one in the morning right at the boat (drag too tight, fish ran, snapped the line), and the stenographer had a couple bites that were distinctly halibut-like.

We are working up a price list for bits of Myron’s lucky new mullet – details will be forthcoming.

June 17, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports