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Capitola: Ed and Larry are obstinate students

Rick and striper
Ed and Larry set their poles up near where Rick here was fishing (down close to the beach on the east side of the wharf) and proceeded to get completely schooled by Rick’s fishing awesomeness. Rick was using a a hook under a bobber with a live sardine he bought from us out of the bait tank The story goes something like this:

Ed had a couple fish boil up on his bait, as did Larry. Then the stenographer called Ed for the report, and then Rick’s fish bit (no causality implied or suggested, btw). The phone call was cut short as Ed and Larryhad to duck and cover while Rick’s fish headed toward the beach. Someone already had a net down there, so Ed ran for the camera. And here you are – this is fresh freaking news here – only 10 minutes old.

Elsewhere, fishing off the boats was slow today – Tim’s and Brian’s fish earlier were the only significant catches we heard of. There was still a small amount of south swell today, that may account for it.

Bait was absent this morning outside the marina – it was still over by New Brighton beach. At this very moment however it seems to be heading back into the marina and toward the wharf, so maybe we’re in for a nice turn of luck. See you this father’s day weekend!

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Capitola: Sponge Bob does it again

Brian and halibut
Beginner’s luck for Brian today. He was fishing with his non-beginner buddies from a rental this morning and showed them all by highlining their boat with this 13 pounder. They were fishing with frozen squid on a halibut rig over by the old Sponge Bob area around 10 this morning. Congratulations Brian!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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It will be anarchy I say — sheer anarchy!

This coming July 4th is a free fishing day!В  If you plan on fishing the July 4th weekend, reserve your boat now.

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Capitola: That is one huge fish!

Tim and huge striped bass
Tim. Flylining live sardine off New Brighton. TWENTY NINE (29) POUNDS. WOOOOOOT!!

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Capitola: CORRECSHUN!!!

Myron has anxiously informed us that we were in gross error reporting the sizes of his catch yesterday.В  In the interest of journalistic integritay:

The cabezon was 7.5 pounds

The flattie was 12 pounds

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