Capitola: It was a Brady Kinda Day (Bunch, that is)

Russel Family and rock cod
Three generations of the Russel clan hit the waves today in a rental and scared up a half dozen high quality rock cod. They were fishing around the kelp around Capitola reef. It stayed nice in here (inside Pleasure Point) most of the day due its sheltering effect.

We had 18 out of our total 22 boats rented out today, and none got skunked! At least 7 boats had a halibut, and all had at least some rock cod. On the private launches Scooter and Greg had five halibut making them the highliners of the privates.

Our apologies to Dan – we had a traffic jam with our photos and lost the pic. Maybe we can still rescue it.

The bait situation: most of it was off New Brighton all day today and in fact it’s there right now. They appear to be all sardines. As we mentioned earlier bait is available off the wharf as well and thus in the marina, but it is not as plentiful.

June 19, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports