Capitola: Miguel discovers the dark and mysterious world of absentee fishing

Lonely halibut
Miguel took a vactation from his vacation and walked away from his line this afternoon. He had parked it at the beginning of the wharf with a live sardine swimming around on the business end. In his absence a good samaritan noticed that Miguel’s dinner was hankering for some sunshine and obliged it. Ed took a picture of it before Miguel came back. Miguel thanks you, kind anonymous fishing person!

On the wharf today, it was pretty slow in the morning – we didn’t see any bait or perch at all. Then about 1:00pm the dinner bell rang and Miguel’s fish hopped on a hook along with stringers of sardines and perch. That lasted for a while, but just now as Ed took his dog for a walk he noticed that things seem to have shut down again. Hunh. Weird. But – there are lots of folks lined up at the rail right now – if somethings along we’ll be sure to pass it on.

June 19, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - June 19, 2010

    The halibur are present at New Brighton and biting pretty decent just not slamming the baits. The halibut seem to be grabbing the live sardines giving them a once over and then deciding to swallow the sardines.

    Oddly enough a angler using live grass shrimp hit two nice keeper halibut and a 26 inch striper at new brighton beach. Then another caught a 7lb halibut on new brighton beach with a daredevil red and white strip trout lure? go figure? I guess it looked like a twinkie to this halibut,really weird bites on weird non traditional stuff while today based on several kayak catches may have been the best grass cod bite of the year. Several over four lbs and one 6lber including a nice 5 lb cabezon.

    Patient and keeping a lively sardine constantly going was the key to the halibut today. Just having a live sardine was apparently not good enough as the halibut apparently hit the liveliest bait in the bucket routine for many who scored.