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Beware the upgrade

Fixed the missing widgets; I upgraded a component the other day and it appears that the act of upgrading wiped out some configuration. Classy.В  Anyway that’s where the weather sensor widget and others went. Fixed.

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ReportTroller update: Stagnaro Sport Fishing

The Stagnaro Sport Fishing fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Psst Psst – wanna buy a picture – cheap??

Angler and striped bass
Ed left the stenographer high and dry with this one – no name, no details, nuthin other than that this was caught on the wharf sometime shortly before the timestamp on the photo. The stenographer does recognize this angler’s face as being one of the regulars but beyond that he is lost. Anyway – very nice fish!! Ed will no doubt suffer endless pangs of guilt tomorrow and fill in the details.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Lots of fathers had a pretty happy day

Joe and Ethan and browns and halibut
Joe and Ethan and a friend spent father’s day fishing around Capitola reef today near the old Sponge Bob. Joe hooked this legal flattie here – his third in as many days – using a live sardine on a halibut rig. Ethan kept things interesting by hauling in some nice rock cod throughout the day.

Today was not yesterday – Joe and Ethan’s boat was the only rental to bring in a halibut today (several others lost them at the boat). We didn’t see them, but we heard that some boats out of the harbor caught some nice lings and halibut around the Capitola reef today. Joe reported that once they caught their fish a bunch of boats moved in on their drift and caught a few, though by 10 am the bite shut off and that was it for the day. Of the 18 rentals we had out today, 8 flew the skunk flag and the rest had some rock cod.

Reglardless however, we did see a lot of happy dads spending some quality time with the family on the water, so it was definitely a worth while day.

Bait was elusive again today. It looked like it was going to be great – we could hear bait popping in the marina before it got light. Just as it got light however a bunch of sea lions moved in and scared it all off. It was jiggable over by New Brighton for a while but that didn’t last. They were last spotten again at the edge of the marina getting worked through by sea lions.

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Capitola: Say hello to my Little Friend

Heath and cabzon
Heath fished with his dad off the New Brighton kelp beds this morning and caught another one of the cabezon that have been jumping out of the water around here lately – this one around 5 pounds. Heath was beaming from ear to ear over this one, and dad was proud too. Nice bit of angling there Heath.

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Capitola: Late but not forgotten

Rusty and halibut
This is actually from yesterday – you’ll recall that we plead technical difficulties on one – this is it.

Dan and Rusty were fishing off New Brighton in the shallow using live sardines. Rusty caught this eight pounder – his first halibut ever – in the morning. Belated congratulations Rusty, and we trust that you have had at least one tasty meal so far.

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