Capitola: Psst Psst – wanna buy a picture – cheap??

Angler and striped bass
Ed left the stenographer high and dry with this one – no name, no details, nuthin other than that this was caught on the wharf sometime shortly before the timestamp on the photo. The stenographer does recognize this angler’s face as being one of the regulars but beyond that he is lost. Anyway – very nice fish!! Ed will no doubt suffer endless pangs of guilt tomorrow and fill in the details.

June 20, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. Jennifer Tate - June 21, 2010

    Hey! Thats my boyfriend! His name is Leonard and you have another pic of him with my brother Collin holding the flattie they caught!!

    Thanks for takin the great shot Ed :) LEONARD is his name and that was his first striper of the season…very excting

  2. Jennifer Tate - June 21, 2010

    Caught on a live ‘dine on a dead man’s rig!