Capitola: We interrupt this program to shamelessly mis-use the fishing report

The stenographer’s outboard is showing its age and he needs to get a new one. If you happen to have a 10-15hp 4 stroke that you’d like to get rid of please give the shop a call and leave a message. The stenographer is pretty handy w/ fixing motors, so its no problem if it needs some tlc.

June 21, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Capitola Boat and Bait - June 21, 2010

    Actually if you just leave a comment here — it requires you to leave an email address that’s only visible to us.

  2. Keeny G - June 21, 2010

    Here on monday the 21st, had to try the new xrap sardine hard bait in the 9inch size.

    The hardbait dives about 8feet deepending on what size line you use. Tried it with P line cxx20lb test and by god ever snagging what seemed like every bat ray in new brighton beach A unlikely event occured. A legal 30 inch white seabass hit the bait and ran like a tank into the kelp off that extends towards the left side of the wharf.

    The sea weed got wrapped up and got so embedded it stopped the bass in its tracks. it could not go anywhere because it was to wrapped up in the kelp.

    Presuming it was gone figured I would just pull and break of what I thought was another ray and behold a 30inch sea bass which I believe is the first one caught in some time.

    Not a whopper by any means but maybe more to come? hope it has some bigger brothers in the neighborhood

  3. James - November 16, 2011

    Informative article, exactly what I was looking for.