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Capitola: Today is not yesterday

Don and striper
Here’s Don with his first ever striper – a healthy 13 pounder! He caught it using a live sardine on a sliding rig down close to the beach around 10 this morning. Congratulations Don!

There was a second striper caught around the same time of day, but he left before we could take a picture. So it was kind of a hot bite in there for a little while this morning. Things have cooled down a bit since then. All we’ve seen is spotty catches of perch and sardines along the length of the wharf.

One other striper found fresh air today: Hector and his amigos were out on their private boat fishing the edge of the kelp on the west side of the wharf – they ended up with a nice 6 pound striper for their efforts.

We only had three rentals out today, plus the stenographer, so we don’t really have a very good sample. However the sample we do have is not really what you’d call inspirational. The stenographer continued his hunt for the skunk that’s messing up his life. The rentals did better with each coming in with some nice rock cod – browns and grass.

There was bait – large sardines – outside the marina this morning, but they were sparse. Ed spent most of the morning jigging bait for the tank on the wharf – he caught about 40-50 of them in two hours. Right now folks are jigging some bait up off the wharf.

So here’s to a better tomorrow, and get well soon Sheriff Larry!

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Capitola: Yesterday was awesome!

Miquel and halibut
Here’s Miquel with the halibut he caught yesterday as well – this one was about 7 pounds. He caught it using a live sardine in the same area that Justin and Jesse scored in.

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Capitola: I bet it was delicious

Justin and Jesse
From yesterday’s void emerges this 6.5 pound flattie. Justin and Jesse caught it outside the kelp bed on the west side of the wharf using a white split tailed scampi.

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Capitola: Blame the typist

Last night’s gaping void was brought to you by The Sleeping Stenographer who, after a strenuous day of getting skunked failed to awaken when Ed called with “the data”.В  There will be no such void this evening, as the stenographer is well rested and indeed anxious to get on with it.

Ed informs him, however that he – having just received a massive shipment of frozen anchovies – is up to his elbows in the “bagging the anchovies” process which must be completed before the little fellers thaw out.В  So just hang on a bit and we’ll get to postin’

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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