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Santa Cruz: Not bad for a day off

was fishing off the wharf yesterday at about noon in back of the store. I dropped my line in and asked my wife to watch it as i walked around the corner i heard her yell. Babe you have a fish! When i got there she was feeding it line letting it run. GOOD JOB LOVER! when i pulled it in after reeling for about 5min i mesured it and it was 24in, just over 6 lbs. The mystery is… Is this a starie flownder or a halibut??? you be the judge.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Some bring the luck, some get the glory

Tyrus and halibut
Tyrus was in one of the three rentals we had out today so far, and managed to wrangle up qutie a nice little collection of flatties for himself! He and his buddies got tired of catching bait outside the marina and hauling it over to the edges of the kelp, so they plopped their gear down where the bait was. As they were drifting close to the edge of the kelp these two – a six pounder and a ten pounder – jumped on that bait. His friends were “happy for him”, in the same sorta way where you wanna throw your buddy into the water over and over again. But they got over it. Nice catch Tyrus!

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Capitola: Time to buy some Coleman stock perhaps?

Miguel and two flatties
Miguel. From his Coleman john boat. AGAIN!

He caught these two fishing the west side of the wharf along the edge of the kelp using live sardines on a halibut jig. Follow him.

A little update on the striper situation. The bite appears to be coming back on – two were lost this morning off the wharf, and two were captured last night after we closed. Small but legal.

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Capitola: First halibut for Keon!

Keon and halibut
Here’s Keon with the first halibut he’s ever caught! He caught it down in the surf line on the wharf using a live sardine on a sliding rig. The net was called for, Ed went ta joggin’, and here it is. Ed needs to quit smoking.

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