Capitola: Ed is suddenly self conscious about that pile of chain there

Kathy and halibut
Kathy with a K did some pedalling today on a hydrobike and happened to cross paths with this 27 inch flatty. She was fishing on the west side of the wharf using a live sardine on a halibut rig. Nice catch Kathy!

Elsewhere on the ocean, bait it seems has come back. With a vengeance! They were thick near the edge of the marina this morning. It took a while for the sea lions to get on it this morning – once they did they pushed everything toward the wharf though we didn’t see much bait coming up off the end in the morning. But it’s still around – pelicans were diving off the west side of the wharf this afternoon.

Most boats did well fishing close to the kelp today. There were a few (three) rental boats that ventured out further – Adam’s reef, mile reef, and Boomer reef. That is where Pepe has been hiding it seems, for they had no luck. Near the kelp however we saw grass cod as you’ve seen, and a few very nice browns.

Weather was great – foggy this morning calm seas and light wind. It really stayed that way ’til about 12:30 when the fog cleared. But the winds stayed down after that anyway – so just a great day on the water. Hopefully tomorrow will be another one.

June 26, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports