Capitola: Ed gave them the bait, it must count for something right?

Bryn and Gabe and halibut
Bryn and Gabe highlined the heck out of everyone today with these two flatties that they caught off a rental. They were fishing Capitola reef using live sardines and these bit sometime between 10 and 11 this morning. Lots of jealous folks around here – nice job you guys!

Last night the remainder of that southern swell moved through and mixed things up though it laid down sometime in the very early morning. Bait this morning was very scarce around the wharf and through the marina. It could be found however over by potbelly beach and there were spots here and there that were jiggable if you used a fish finder. Bait appears to have moved back to just outside the marina (or it is in the process of doing so), so hopefully a return to normality tomorrow.

Wind stayed down most of the day ’til the fog cleared out, so if this pattern stays around for a few days, earlier is better. It was in fact quite nice fishing this morning.

The wharf has been pretty uneventful – in fact we’ve heard nothing from anyone. It’s probably better than “nothing” but we don’t know of it.

June 29, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports