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Capitola: Ed says we are peaking

Rubin and halibut
Here’s Rubin with the two flatties he hooked up on today fishing both the whistle buoy and in front of O’Neils. The larger one – about 12 pounds – came in off O’Neils, the smaller 6 pounder came in off the buoy. Rubin’s girlfriend Jennifer put him on the larger fish – they were coming back and he suggested to her that she pick the start of the next drift, and she Chose Well. They were using frozen squid on a halibut rig and white swim baits. Nice catch you guys!

We had 19 rentals out with 15 fishing. NO skunks! Boats caught mostly rock cod – including some nice vermillion, with a few legal lings in the 24-26 inch range. One boat targeted jacksmelt and came in with two ice chests full of them. He was fishing up off the point using bait jigs with strips of squid. At one point he used one of the jacksmelt as bait and had a nice white seabass grab it, wrap around the kelp, and break off. He was happy to have been able to see it though.

We *heard* (from Larry) that bait was easy to jig up early this morning. We went on a couple of bait wrangling runs mid morning and later in the morning, both of which turned up very slim rewards. RIght now bait is nigh on impossible to find. In the morning we saw small scattered balls of varying density on the bottom – now it’s hard to say there’s anything at all. This early morning bait thing has been kind of a trend, so if you wanna try to get some come early.

Aside from Roy Boy’s halibut, the wharf saw some perch – blacks, calicos, walleyes, and shiners – along with a few skates a jacksmelts coming up all up and down the entire length of the wharf.

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Capitola: It is like a long slog into a shopping frenzy but the deals are awesome

Sam Doug Clint and rock fish and halibut
Sam, Doug, and Clint took a rental out over by the whistle buoy today and hooked up on this nice variety catch. As you can see they were fishing both the rocky side and the sandy side of that buoy – when it’s going off there it’s a very nice spot.

They were using shrimp fly jigs and squid, which should give you some indication of just how good halibut fishing is over there right now. Word is that there were at least 40 boats fishing over there, and the skuttlebut is that Kim’s boyfriend Murphy caught a 52 pound white seabass in that area today Hopefully Bayside has a picture.

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Capitola: Roy Boy sucks it up

Roy Boy and halibut
Ok so those of you who read us by RSS or other feeds will see the post we just deleted in which Mike was holding Roy’s larger fish. We missed the fact that we had another photo where Roy changed his mind and let us take a photo. So in this case we actually have less of an opportunity to take liberties with Roy’s ego – way to go Roy!

He caught these two using live sardines on a halibut rig by the handicap parking spot midway on the wharf. The larger one is 14.5 pounds, the smaller one is 6. Nice catch Roy!

See – that was not so hard was it?? :)

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: The box is not big enough any more

Eric and Larry and flatties
That broken record we spoke of yesterday was on full blast today as they ran out of room in that box. Eric caught this 27 pounder which ties dad’s 13 and 14 pounders if you combine them into one big fish. They were fishing in the same area as yesterday using live sardines – only difference today is that the fleet was up to probably around 40 boats. Wonder where they were all lining up?

Larry reported that a boat next to his caught a 40 pound white seabass, and that the other guy’s line got tangled up in his in the process. Eric kept his line loose however and the guy landed it successfully.

We only had a couple boats out today, one of which was Myron the Mariner. As it so happens, Myron highlined the “fleet” with a 8 pound halibut he caught with a live sardine that Ed gave him. He spent five minutes over Capitola reef and reeled it in. The stenographer had spent all day out there with exactly one nibble to his name for the whoollllle day, so he was kinda frustrated when Myron came waltzing over there and barely got his hook wet. But hey, that’s fishing – it is allll goood.

The other boats did nothing other than a few king fish here and there.

Bait was again abundant in the early morning, scarce in the mid morning, and increasingly abundant as the day wore on from there.

Zero action on the wharf as far as we know. Ed brought in 30 live sardines but as far as we know none of those converted to something more substantial.

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We’re having a bit of a rough patch on the web server here (disk space issues).В  I’m going to clear up some space (I hope) – expect some bumps for the next hour or so.

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Capitola: Red buoy delivers again

Michael and Peter and rock fish
Michael and Peter high lined the rentals today with these nice Bolina rock fish. They were fishing all over the place but didn’t have much luck ’til they came back and focused on the area around the new buoy. Tensions were high, as Michael got stuck with catching all the kingfish while Peter casually raked in all the Bolina. We kid of course – they were quite jovial about the whole thing. Nice catch you guys!

On the wharf, not much action. Late this afternoon Ed managed to jig up some sardines which were quickly consumed by anxious anglers, though it all came to naught. So far. Ed is still trying to stoke the flames by making bait runs, so there is some hope. Some.

Bait was weird today. It was available this morning early with little trouble, but by 9 or so it kinda disappeared. Sometime between 9 and noon it came back enough so that Larry mentioned that he saw bait jumping at the edge of the marina when he came back from halibut fishing. And as you may gather, Ed has been doing ok jigging some up over the last few hours. There’s no indication that it is moving in however, so Ed is going to have to keep doing shuttle runs tonight. Til he runs out of gas. Which, by the look of him, will be soon.

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Capitola: Where did that vermillion come from?

Jessie Greg Ene Lez and rock cod
Jessie, Greg, Ene, and Lez got themselves into a mess of rock fish today when they went fishing all over the place here in Capitola. They weren’t really sure where each of these various fish were caught – they just tried a bunch of spots using shrimp fly rigs with squid bits. They said they found out about us here from a YouTube video that Rudy made, so mad props to Rudy – thanks! Anyway, this crew said they’ll be back, and we’re looking forward to it.

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Capitola: One in the box!

Larry and Eric and halibut
Larry sounded like a broken record this morning on the radio: “One in the box!!” again and again. He and Eric were on fire today, which explains why the entire fleet of halibut seekers fell in line behind him through the morning. From what we gather to no avail too – Larry seemed to be the only one catching. What is it with this guy??

Anyway, they were fishing over by the yellow can outside the harbor. They got their hands on a nice collection of live squid, which may have had something to do with their luck. The fish ranged from 6 to 14 pounds.

The stenographer was not as lucky and is sorely tempted to find some topic on which to rib the sheriff over today, but he has to concede that once again Lawrence has wrestled up another fine catch.

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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: The Blue Note Armada has no use for those pesky morning hours

Martine and Marlin and Bill and rock cod
Here are Martine, Marlin, and grandpa Blue Note Bill with the brown rock cod that Marlin caught while fishing with his dad and grandpa. They were mostly fishing up toward the point and caught one short ling and a few rock cod. This boat and their companion rental both got a really late start (though kinda early for Bill – we have named signalling devices after Bill, you know, to get him moving faster) so we’re happy that they saw some action.

We had a total of seven rentals out fishing today with three skunks, and those three started early, so an early start wasn’t any guarantee of success today anyway (except for Myron the Mariner who early birded everyone by starting out at 6:00am). The two boats (in addition to the Blue Note fleet) that caught fish caught a few browns and a few grass cod fishing around Capitola reef. Not a stellar day around here – if you want action, go early and look for flatties.

Bait – we do not have a good idea of how abundant bait actually was today, but we did see a lot of bird action just outside the marina this morning. Recently we noticed that a pelican or two were diving in the marina and close to shore, which lends support to the notion that bait has moved in. Here’s to hopin’

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Capitola: Ohboy – an actual concrete shark sighting!

Mark and leopard shark
Mark caught this legal leopard shark off the wharf this afternoon. He was fishing close to the surf line using a live sardine on a sliding rig. This was not the only catch on the wharf today – there was a halibut early in the morning but Ed was busy and by himself so no time for a photo or details.

Roy Boy was fishing down there as well, and while he did not have a chance to farm anything today, he did see five stripers swim by each of which had “very broad shoulders”.

Other than that, the wharf saw a lot of perch – kingfish primarily – with some bullheads and skates mixed in. At the moment it does in fact look like there’s some bait in close; there are sea lions chasing stuff around in near the beach. We have not seen anyone jig anything up as of yet however.

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Capitola: These folks have the patience of saints!

Zanoni family and rock cod and halibut
The Zanoni family took to the waves in a rental today. They got kind of a late start as the FIsh and Game licensing web site was not behaving well (what else is new – gads!! seriously – we *do* have good web developers around here – what gives???) . They got out about 10:00am and fished around the new red buoy where they caught this legal flattie and a nice brown rock cod. They were using frozen squid on halibut rigs. They tried a few other spots but the red buoy was the only one producing today. Nice catch you guys, and see you tomorrow! Happily you won’t have to wrestle with F and G again.

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