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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: When he actually thinks he has a fish on, it is usually some part of the boat

Butters and striper and halibut
Our crack cub wharf reporter branched out big time today as he ventured out onto the ocean with Kurtis to see if maybe he could do better than a limit of sardines today (not realizing that there is no such thing as a limit for sardines – dagfundit!).

In no time with a cry of “hot diggity dandy” he had hooked up the 9 pound striper using a live sardine. He was so amped up on birthday cake sugar that he almost didn’t realize he had a fish (“Oh hamboogers I hooked some kelp”). About 15 minutes after that, in a stunning display of learning ability, he again exclaimed that he had hooked on a bunch of kelp – which in fact turned out to be this 7 pound flatty. Kurtis showed inhuman willpower in tolerating Butter’s silliness.

The worst part is that Butter’s birthday is tomorrow, so he’ll likely be taking a dive into a German chocolate double layer with Krispy Kreme accents and we’ll just have to put him down as humanely as possible.

For now however, a begrudging congratulations to Butters.

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Capitola: Kayak power, ACTIVATE!

Sinclair and striper
The kayak contingent – which today consisted of Sinclair here – cleaned everyone else’s clock figuratively speaking with this here 10 pound striper. He was fishing the holes in the kelp on Capitola reef today in the shallows using live sardines. This very nice fish bit about 3:00 this afternoon. Congratulations Sinclair!

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Capitola: Myron needs some hair tonic, quick

Paul Andy and ling and flattie
Paul and Andy were fishing the edge of the kelp bed off New Brighton – one of the fingers that sticks out eastward – using live sardines. Paul caught this 26 inch ling, and andy cranked in this 24 inch flattie. They both reported that the early morning was the better part of the day bite wise.

We had quite a few boats out for a weekday today – an even dozen. Three boats did quite well with rock cod, one boat brought in 14 very high quality browns. They were fishing along the far eastern edge of the kelp bed just outside where the seiner was anchored.

The remainder of the boats however had issues either with our arch enemy Pepe le Pew and/or some forbidden cargo in the form of bananas. One in particular had caught a nice halibut and some quality rock cod on a stringer only to loose it to Davy Jones when a knot (an important knot) came untied . Myron the Mariner caught a rock. Mullet issues, you know.

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