Capitola: Kevin has done opened up a can on that skunk

Kevin and striper
Kevin came back and proved once and for all that he’s really scared that skunk off. He caught this striper fishing off Bomborra using a live sardine. He also hooked up on (and released) a thresher shark in the same area and on the same bait. Keep it rolling Kevin – good job!

Roy Boy and a few others remarked that there were some pretty decent sized schools of stripers down in the shallows off the wharf today. One was caught but he left before we could get a photo.

Elsewhere today – there were again lots and lots of sardines to be had at the edge of the marina and out a ways. And again they dissipated as the day wore on.

Some bad news: we had a great picture of Shea with the 11 pound flatty she caught today fishing with her dad up off the west side by the lighthouse. Unfortunately some gremlin ate the photo – we can’t find it anywhere nor any actual evidence that it might even have existed. Bizarre! Anyway, we’re bummed , and sorry Shea – we’ll do better next time.

Oh – and though this is certainly no news to just about everyone we must point out that Bayside has a photo of a 36 pound white seabass (GHOST!!!) that was caught up off Natural Bridges yesterday. Me waannnnnt.

We are looking forward to this weekend – the weather is supposed to be awesome. We have a waiting list for tomorrow, a few boats available Sunday, and quite a few available yet for Monday.

July 2, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports