Capitola: Go Team Tackle Box!

Roger Delfinia Elaine and lingcod
Roger, Delfinia, and Elaine took to the water in a rental today and fished in between Capitola reef and the mile reef off the apartments. They were using live sardines on halibut rigs and hooked up on this 28 incher in about the first five minutes they were fishing (which was just after 8:00am).

Mom calmly reeled this beauty in while Roger frantically fought a Granite Grouper ’til he busted his tuna rod. Those granite groupers can be ferocious!

Roger owns the “Tackle Box” tackle shops in Hollister and Salinas, so we assume he was doing us all a favor by stress testing that rod. Good job Roger – keep it up!! :)

July 4, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports