Capitola: If you wake up with all your appendages, you win!!

Jacob and halibut
Here’s Jacob with the legal flatty he caught today! He was fishing with Jeff in a rental today off Capitola reef and Jacob highlined the boat! This one bit on a live sardine. Good job Jacob!

This was one of only a few halibut we saw today. The others came in with, you guessed it, Darn Glenn and his son Josh who rounded out the halibut catch with a couple of lings for good measure (darn darn darn darn!).

It was a bit slower fishing than all these happy pictures might suggest. We had the whole fleet of rentals out again today, but this time only eight came in with fish – the rest were skunked.

Weather could have been nicer – it was overcast and breezy in the morning and actually the breeze picked up a bit as the morning wore on. Later still the wind died off leaving many hoping that the remainder of the day would be saved – alas – an aggressive southern chop has moved in to mix things up. It was quite aggressive later this afternoon but discerning eyes say it’s already laying down – here’s to hoping.

Bait was a bit sparser today than it was yesterday. Right at daybreak it was quite plentiful, but the sea lions got on it with a vengeance and spread it out quickly. That said, everyone who looked for bait jigged some up as far as we know.

On the wharf today we’ve seen some perch come up (no bait again) in addition to the striper we just posted. Of interest – last night someone caught a 24 inch striper after we had closed (so no pic) and as Ed was leaving last night he noticed bait moving into the shallows.

Happy Fourth of July folks, and please don’t loose any fingers!!

July 4, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports