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Capitola: What the heck is going on here?

Mario and Oscar and Big Flattie
Halibut are supposed to shut their mouths when a south swell comes up, yet here we have another rebel. Mario and Oscar caught this woo-doggies 26 pounder the Sponge Bob area (!!) using live sardines on halibut rigs. Woot! It bit late – maybe around 2:30 or so this afternoon – and is quite a welcome surprise to us where were thinking that the swell that’s moved in would shut everything down. Being wrong can be an awesome thing. Josh found this out too – he just came in with one each 8 and a 15 pounders – fishing in 60 feet of water out past the mile reef.

So – yes – swell – we have it. And it’s even kinda big – it’s washing up pretty far onto the main beach here in Capitola right now and we’ve seen vacationers running for higher sand because of it.

To add to the mystery is the fact that we saw bait again this morning in the usual area – just at the outer edge of the marina. Folks jigged up obvioulsy enough to do some decent fishing with it this morning (though at this time it appears to have dissipated).

We had the whole fleet of rentals out again today, and while it was again somewhat slow we only saw four boats get skunked. We saw several with 1-4 fish – browns, heard of a number of undersized lings, and a couple legal lings that got off (darn darn darn). Given the weather however, this is stellar. Let’s hope it keeps up.

Wharf fishermen have been awarded today with copious quantities of kelp and a shiners, bat rays, and skates mixed in for good measure.

Some sun would be nice.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Sometimes it is the small things that bring the biggest smiles

Dad and Bryce and brown rock fish
Bryce fished with his dad on their boat today and captured his first real grown up fish – a brown rock fish! They were fishing just outside the marina off the first kelp bed using shrimp fly rigs with squid bits. Congratulations Bryce – you are now an angler!!

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Capitola: These fish fear no swell

Sinclair and Steve and halibut
Sinclair and Steve just came in with these 10 and 13 pound flatties. Sinclair hooked both of them (and a lingcod which jumped off the hook) while they were fishing off Pleasure Point this morning. Steve is in this photo as well as his generous donation of good fishing karma played a role in the whole thing.

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