Capitola: Stripers in the surfline!

Carlson and Dad and Kyle and striper
Carlson and Kyle were fishing on the wharf with Dad today and re-lit the striper action on the wharf! They caught some live shiners and put them under a bobber, threw it out, and voila! Good job boys – enjoy your dinner!

July 7, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - July 8, 2010

    Salmon are back and smacking the standard purple haze hoochies down about 180-200ft of the soquel hole.

    The fish were a little scattered but in all honesty it kept everyone who worked the hole spaced out and we saw multiple several hookups all quality fish.

    We had the pleasure of witnessing the matriarch of all threshers go air born and made a couple curious passes.
    Was not interested in what we had to offer in Frozen rock cod bait but none the less I do not think we could have done much with it had we even hooked it. This shark was big time well over 100lbs easy.

    Back on the inside halibut action still paying off for those working the live bait. Several nice flatties proudly lifted as we played a game of we show you ours you show us yours with several boat on the way in.

    Looked like everyone putting some time in can home with nice sacks of fish for the effort.