Capitola: It is difficult to think of a title when Butters is yammering in your ear

Nico and halibut
Nico caught this 10 pounder in the same area as Evan but on a different boat. His boat also had a couple of rock cod – copper and brown. Live sardine on a halibut rig, of course. Nice catch Nico!

We had 16 boats out fishing today. Of those we saw 4 skunks, and the rest had three to five rock cod. We also heard of three flatties being lost at the boat. The boats with the most rock cod were fishing in close near the kelp beds and were catching very small grass cod and black-and-yellows. Boats were using frozen anchovies and squid bits on surf leader setups.

Word is that it was spotty on the bait scene today – people were having some difficulty jigging up very many of them. Those that caught some were just outside the marina. We haven’t seen any evidence of movement toward the wharf today.

On the wharf today though, Roy Boy and Butters both reported that they lost multiple striped bass fishing in the break using live sardines under bobbers. Butters is clamoring to tell us that the largest they saw was likely in the 12-15 pound range.

July 10, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports