Capitola: We haves our ups and we haves our downs

Ryan and Gary and halibut
Ryan and Gary cuaght two almost identical halibut – both 28 inches – from two different spots. The first one was caught on a live sardine off the east edge of the main kelp bed in about 40 feet of water. The second one was caught in 30 feet of water where the long finger comes off the Capitola reef kelp bed.. They said they had no problem getting their sardines first thing in the morning.

We had 12 boats out today with 10 fishing. Of those four were skunked (unless you’re counting sardines) and the rest had one or two brown rock cod. Not a reall great day overall, but that’s fishing for you.

The wharf was pretty slow too. We saw some shiners in the morning. Roy said no takedowns today, and no sightings despite the fact that they were sighted at 3:00 this morning. The evening is still young however.

Bait wise, one rental commented that there were some larger-than-baby anchovies off the mile buoy mixed with some mackerel (in 50-60 feet of water). Sardines started a bit farther out of the marina before dawn, then moved in as the morning broke. We as yet have not seen them near the wharf.

July 11, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports