Capitola: The sun will rise again tomorrow

Bill Bryer Robert and brown rock cod
Well……. We claim swell. We had nine boats out today plus Ed plus a few other regulars and it didn’t end up sounding exactly great. But:

Here are Bill, Bryer, and Robert with their highlining catch for today – a half dozen brown rock cod. They caught these fishing by the new buoy using shrimp fly rigs with squid bits. Most of these bit in the morning.

The best catch we’re aware of is our buddy Matt who was fishing over off 26th ave. He caught three halibut that we’re aware of (he instigated radio silence so more may have happened).

The deal is this: a swell moved in late yesterday and kinda mixed things up.. We’re guessing that had something to do with the cooling off of the bite. We shall see.

One bright spot however is the bait situation. There is a bunch of it. This morning it was outside the marina – dense. Just a few minutes ago we saw Pauli jig some up off the end of the wharf, and there are plenty of bait signs in the marina right now. It’s all more of the same large sardines.

We did see one rental come in with a small bucket of kingfish. Not sure where they’re from but there is this one area outside the marina that’s produced them in the past – that’s our guess.

July 13, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports