Capitola: Striper Madness, but only for Joey

Joey caught a second striper just a bit smaller than the first about a half hour later. Roy Boy is now Farmer Roy – he lost another FIVE stripers today. His luck has not been exactly stellar this year – maybe he gave Joey a bit of his good fishing karma.

Just a quick wrap up for the day. Bait was pretty abundant out in the middle of the marina. It stayed there quite a while and we saw quite a few dolphins and sea lions working it. It should be at the wharf though we haven’t seen it and have no affirmative reports.

Swell is still here but our possibly over active imaginations detect that it seems to be diminishing. You may recall that last year our “weather forecasts” were not exactly accurate, so take our prediction with the appropriately large grain of salt.

July 14, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports