Capitola: You do not see these often

Black Seabass before releasing
Forrest sent us this photo and the following note about a month ago … and then we promptly lost it in the noise of our until-today massivly disorganized email inbox:


Hey Guys, I caught this juvenile black sea bass off New Brighton in 25 feet of water, yesterday 6-7-10. It bit on a live sardine. It put up a hell of a fight and darn near ripped the pole out of my hand. What a powerful fish. I netted it and weighed it in at 24lbs and approx 34 inches long. If you choose to post this pic will you please make a note that this is a catch and release only fish so others who don’t know will know. This one swam away happily.

Thank you,



We have wanted a photo like this for years – to help our customers know what NOT to catch. If you keep one of these and get caught you’ll owe ,000!! So – look carefully at this – memorize it – and if you catch one, put it back quickly.

Thanks Forrest!

July 14, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports