Capitola: Fish Sniffer Here She Comes!

Shawn and salmon
Here’s Shawn with the two salmon that she caught while out fishing the west edge of the hole with Josh (Darn Glenn Jr.) today. One was 18 and the other 16 pounds. She was using a purple haze hoochie behind a green hot spot flasher. They were fishing in 300 feet of water all the way down. Beautiful fish Shawn!

Sheriff Larry caught one as well today – he was fishing in the same area and also on the bottom. His fish was 13 pounds. He also pulled in a whopper; his son Eric took a tumble into the ocean when a rogue wave rolled the boat. According to Eric it was very refreshing.

We heard of some 30 pounders on the radio today before everyone got blown off the water. They were saying that the trick was to bounce your ball off bottom.

July 15, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports