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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: The Lees are the winners with todays highliner catch!

Lee family and lingcod
The Lee family caught this nice 29 inch lingcod and a couple dozen rock cod (mostly smallish browns, grass, and coppers) fishing the kelp off Bomborra reef. They were using anchovies and squid on surf leaders. Congratulations and happy dining, Lee family!

We had everything out today – wooo hoo – and not very many skunked boats. There were not very many large fish either though – mostly smallish browns with a few big ones mixed in, and five legal lings. Everything came back in at once today so we were kinda slammed and did not get any additional photos – sorry.

The bait situation continues to illustrate that seiner boats are extremely effective gatherers of bait. Which is to say – there is very little bait around and it is hard to catch. There was some available this morning and a few boats actually did ok catching some, but for the most part boats were better off planning on using frozen bait.

The wharf today so far has produced kelp, a few perch, a skate, and a bunch of sun tans. The night is not yet upon us so we could see some striper action later as always. Not much hope for bait showing up any more though.

Weather was beautiful – foggy in the morning progressing to sunny and warm (which is what it is right now). That pesky swell has come and gone through the day – it’s definitely strange. So at this point we merely will express our sincere hope that it just goes away already.

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Capitola: Cops with fish – chapter 10

Terry and salmon
Terry again went a-plyin’ the high seas with Larry this morning and ended up highlining Larry’s boat with these two salmon at 24 and 25 pounds. They were fishing on the west side of the hole on the bottom using a Purple Headed Hoochie Behind A Red Flash (the PHHBARF we referred to earlier in the season).

Jim on Irma May was back to the wharf in record time. He left here at 6:00 AM and was back at 8:30 AM so do the math – basically the fish were just waiting for a ride in. He was fishing in the same area and at the same depth. Jim spit shines his boat however, so doubtless this is why the fish chose his boat first.

All the rest of the information we have is from the radio and from the guys we launched who were out there. What we’ve heard is that it was an early bite off the bottom, and that there were 20-30 pound fish coming up. Bayside probably has better info.

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