Capitola: Cops with fish – chapter 10

Terry and salmon
Terry again went a-plyin’ the high seas with Larry this morning and ended up highlining Larry’s boat with these two salmon at 24 and 25 pounds. They were fishing on the west side of the hole on the bottom using a Purple Headed Hoochie Behind A Red Flash (the PHHBARF we referred to earlier in the season).

Jim on Irma May was back to the wharf in record time. He left here at 6:00 AM and was back at 8:30 AM so do the math – basically the fish were just waiting for a ride in. He was fishing in the same area and at the same depth. Jim spit shines his boat however, so doubtless this is why the fish chose his boat first.

All the rest of the information we have is from the radio and from the guys we launched who were out there. What we’ve heard is that it was an early bite off the bottom, and that there were 20-30 pound fish coming up. Bayside probably has better info.

July 17, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Gus Orviston - July 17, 2010

    I’d smile too if I caught those nice fish!