Capitola: Fish Tacos and Sardine Caesar Salads for Everyone

Just a quick update for the day…

We had 10 boats out with two just sightseeing. Of the remaining eight we saw one that got skunked, two that caught and released short fish, and five that brought in rock fish of various types and counts. The second to last one came in with 14 rock fish and a few perch. They said they’d email us a picture sometime tonight.

Bait has made something of a rebound, but just in the marina. Which is to say: those that remain win the Darwin prize. Ed jigged bait all day out there for the live bait tank on the wharf and had no problems jigging up large sardines. All. Day. Long. This is Ed’s favorite thing to do on weekends, we are happy to oblige him.

July 19, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports