Capitola: Red Buoy Still Holding Fish

Ricky and Raymond and lingcod and brown rock fish
Ricky and Raymond were fishing the red buoy with live sardines that they jigged up this morning. They only got a few, but a few of nice quality. They said the bait was easy for them to catch early in the morning, a little harder when they went back to try for some more. It is nice to get a picture of someone who is an avid reader of our report. Congratulations you guys!

We only had five boats out today though no one got skunked except for Myron, Larry, and Kurtis (who we are not counting). Larry did catch a shark of some sort. They were all fishing the west side and as it usually goes it wasn’t very nice over there. We didn’t hear any radio fish over there either.

It looks like weather is going to be more of the same through the week – hopefully there will be something happening in calm Capitola.

July 21, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports