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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Thar she blows!

Ho Kim family and halibut and lingcod
Kim and the kids went out today in a rental fishing around the red buoy. Myron suggested throwing down a small king fish as sardines were harder to come by today. His son wanted to hold the rod, and as he took it in his hands the lingcod bit. He fought the fish himself too and dad finally helped him land it. Kim caught the halibut right in the same area out by the new red buoy along with some small rock cod – some browns and a black-and-yellow. Not bad for a couple hours on the water!

Only four boats out today. Everyone had a few rock cod, and Myron got off his skunk with a legal lingcod.

Sheriff Larry and Kurtis went for salmon today. Kurtis got the first fish – a 10 pounder out in 300 feet of water 125 feet down with a PHHBARF. Larry caught two fish in the same area and depth – one 10 pound and one 14 pound. They were one of the few lucky anglers to catch salmon today, but they had quite a nice whale show. There was a lot of krill on the surface and there were blue and gray whales feeding on them.

Perch on the wharf today. Bait as we mentioned earlier was scarce but available in the marina. Ed jigged up a dozen over the course of a half hour and rationed them out on the wharf. Hopefully it will bring someone some luck.

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