Capitola: Kingfish rule the roost today

Pedro and Martha and ling and halibut
Pedro and Martha highlined our rentals today with this ling and halibut assortment. They were fishing the second kelp bed off the wharf using kingfish they jigged up just outside the marina. Congratulations you two!

We had seven rentals out today with two skunks. Several boats had some nice browns from the red buoy and between the mile reef and the red buoy, and one boat came in with a bucket of kingfish.

Bait seemed plentiful in the morning provided you had a fish finder. Balls were dense if you got on them. It looked like it was coming close to the wharf, then it just disbursed back out to the edge of the marina.

Ed spent much of the day jigging bait for the live bait well, so he didn’t get to pay much attention to what was going on on the wharf. We think we saw someone land a skate sometime this afternoon but at the moment our eye witness is doing shore boat duty so we’re not going to commit to that. :)

Weather was pretty nice – this morning it was cloudy and flat. It burned off later with a light breeze, then layed down, and right now we’re just waiting for the regular evening easterly. If tomorrow does what it did today we will not be unhappy.

July 23, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. Keeny G - July 23, 2010

    Sure would be nice to see some anchovies this year? Sardines are good bait anchovies just behave a bit better in the bait tank

  2. Keeny G - July 23, 2010

    one last comment threasher shark jumpers showing on what bait balls are left. some prety decent size ones well over 50lbers