Capitola: Ho Hum pretty much says it

Jim and salmon
The Wharf To Wharf race today put a damper on our everything. In particular the fact that parking was nigh on impossible within 1/4 mile had a lot of folks cancelling and understandably so. So – we did not have a lot of boats out today – just 8 boats fishing.

Happily however none of those boats came home skunked. Four boats had a mix of kingfish and rock cod, two had two limits each of small rock cod, and the other two had just a few small rock cod. The boat with the most fish was fishing in the kelp bed off Capitola reef using squid and anchovies on surf leaders. The other boats tried out by the red buoy and up toward O’Neils by the kelp bed.

Jim here however had the largest fish of the day – this 13 pound salmon. He caught it on the east side of the hole in 270 feet 80 feet down using a purple haze thing behind a red thing. We heard a lot of radio fish today – it sounded much more productive on the east side of the hole.

Bait was cat and mouse game today. Early this morning it was easy to get but it got trickier as the morning wore on – balls got thinner and harder to find. This afternoon bait started gathering in the marina again and was actually pretty easy to catch – it was just occupying a layer about ten feet down through the south east side of the marina.

Dave kept a steady flow of sardines moving toward the live bait tank today to no avail; we are unaware of any remarkable catches. There were the usual perch and king fish, and that’s about it. There is of course still daylight and the magic hour around dusk, so of course anything could happen.

July 25, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports