Capitola: Larry is the Pied Piper of Capitola

Ed and whoo doggies nice catch!
Well here’s Ed with his second day in a row’s worth of halibut. Sheriff Larry once again coaxed and finagled Ed into making the trek quite a ways up the coast – mostly in order that he could get his coffee thermos delivered for him because he forgot it. Remember: Special. It was not all in vain: Ed did catch three small flatties there, two of which he released.

Ed then came on down to the real hot spot of the day – the Santa Cruz whistle buoy. There he caught two larger ones – about 10 and 11 pounds – a very nice catch for the day.

We screwed up. One of our rentals here came back with an EIGHTEEN POUNDER from the same area – a beautiful fish – and we somehow did not take a photo. We are extremely sorry, and if you guys happened to take a pic when you got home or whatever please email it to us and we’ll post it.

Bait was scattered in the morning – hard to get and are even scarcer now. There was a small school about 200 yards south of the end of the wharf.

We have been very lax today – quite a few rentals did well fishing but we missed taking photos. Don’t worry – it won’t be a habit.

July 27, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports