Capitola: Ohboy – an actual concrete shark sighting!

Mark and leopard shark
Mark caught this legal leopard shark off the wharf this afternoon. He was fishing close to the surf line using a live sardine on a sliding rig. This was not the only catch on the wharf today – there was a halibut early in the morning but Ed was busy and by himself so no time for a photo or details.

Roy Boy was fishing down there as well, and while he did not have a chance to farm anything today, he did see five stripers swim by each of which had “very broad shoulders”.

Other than that, the wharf saw a lot of perch – kingfish primarily – with some bullheads and skates mixed in. At the moment it does in fact look like there’s some bait in close; there are sea lions chasing stuff around in near the beach. We have not seen anyone jig anything up as of yet however.

July 28, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports