Capitola: Red buoy delivers again

Michael and Peter and rock fish
Michael and Peter high lined the rentals today with these nice Bolina rock fish. They were fishing all over the place but didn’t have much luck ’til they came back and focused on the area around the new buoy. Tensions were high, as Michael got stuck with catching all the kingfish while Peter casually raked in all the Bolina. We kid of course – they were quite jovial about the whole thing. Nice catch you guys!

On the wharf, not much action. Late this afternoon Ed managed to jig up some sardines which were quickly consumed by anxious anglers, though it all came to naught. So far. Ed is still trying to stoke the flames by making bait runs, so there is some hope. Some.

Bait was weird today. It was available this morning early with little trouble, but by 9 or so it kinda disappeared. Sometime between 9 and noon it came back enough so that Larry mentioned that he saw bait jumping at the edge of the marina when he came back from halibut fishing. And as you may gather, Ed has been doing ok jigging some up over the last few hours. There’s no indication that it is moving in however, so Ed is going to have to keep doing shuttle runs tonight. Til he runs out of gas. Which, by the look of him, will be soon.

July 29, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports