Capitola: The box is not big enough any more

Eric and Larry and flatties
That broken record we spoke of yesterday was on full blast today as they ran out of room in that box. Eric caught this 27 pounder which ties dad’s 13 and 14 pounders if you combine them into one big fish. They were fishing in the same area as yesterday using live sardines – only difference today is that the fleet was up to probably around 40 boats. Wonder where they were all lining up?

Larry reported that a boat next to his caught a 40 pound white seabass, and that the other guy’s line got tangled up in his in the process. Eric kept his line loose however and the guy landed it successfully.

We only had a couple boats out today, one of which was Myron the Mariner. As it so happens, Myron highlined the “fleet” with a 8 pound halibut he caught with a live sardine that Ed gave him. He spent five minutes over Capitola reef and reeled it in. The stenographer had spent all day out there with exactly one nibble to his name for the whoollllle day, so he was kinda frustrated when Myron came waltzing over there and barely got his hook wet. But hey, that’s fishing – it is allll goood.

The other boats did nothing other than a few king fish here and there.

Bait was again abundant in the early morning, scarce in the mid morning, and increasingly abundant as the day wore on from there.

Zero action on the wharf as far as we know. Ed brought in 30 live sardines but as far as we know none of those converted to something more substantial.

July 30, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Mark Davis - July 31, 2010

    Larry… you’re a fish magnet!