Capitola: Ed says we are peaking

Rubin and halibut
Here’s Rubin with the two flatties he hooked up on today fishing both the whistle buoy and in front of O’Neils. The larger one – about 12 pounds – came in off O’Neils, the smaller 6 pounder came in off the buoy. Rubin’s girlfriend Jennifer put him on the larger fish – they were coming back and he suggested to her that she pick the start of the next drift, and she Chose Well. They were using frozen squid on a halibut rig and white swim baits. Nice catch you guys!

We had 19 rentals out with 15 fishing. NO skunks! Boats caught mostly rock cod – including some nice vermillion, with a few legal lings in the 24-26 inch range. One boat targeted jacksmelt and came in with two ice chests full of them. He was fishing up off the point using bait jigs with strips of squid. At one point he used one of the jacksmelt as bait and had a nice white seabass grab it, wrap around the kelp, and break off. He was happy to have been able to see it though.

We *heard* (from Larry) that bait was easy to jig up early this morning. We went on a couple of bait wrangling runs mid morning and later in the morning, both of which turned up very slim rewards. RIght now bait is nigh on impossible to find. In the morning we saw small scattered balls of varying density on the bottom – now it’s hard to say there’s anything at all. This early morning bait thing has been kind of a trend, so if you wanna try to get some come early.

Aside from Roy Boy’s halibut, the wharf saw some perch – blacks, calicos, walleyes, and shiners – along with a few skates a jacksmelts coming up all up and down the entire length of the wharf.

July 31, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. mark - August 1, 2010

    wheres his girlfriend? looks like those are the first 2 halibut hes aver caught

  2. Keeny G - August 1, 2010

    Pick your poison?

    Other than striped bass which seem to be doing better down south by the pajaro dunes to Monterrey everything else is doing really good.

    The local price of California halibut in the fish stores should indicate the halibut supply is just fine and not are spawning to ensure future generations of flatties.

    How do I know? took a dive off the pont in about fourty feet of water swimming through the kelp to the bottom where the bottom was a parking lot full of flatties chasing each other around,spawning behavior. The commotion had several legal not huge but legal lings looking to score an easy diner and they aggressively hold their spots. translation sitting ducks for the picking.

    Add a bunch of live squid hanging up in the davenport area and the recent influx of both white seabass and thresher sharks in close. It is definitely game on. Get some bait a couple halibut rigs,a rod capable of throwing a 1 and 1/2 ounce to 2 ounce white lead head all bone white fish trap and hold on tight as any number of hungry customers are are on the prowl and interested in doing battle.

    6 recent stories of white sea bass in the last week with at least three making the deck. 50% success ratio is damn good ghost fishing. right gear and good anglers having alot to do with the good success stories.

    Even on the local runs to the local kelp beds, nearly everyone is putting together some decent rock fish sacks with a halibut or ling in the mix to add variety of a bigger adversarial opponent to pull drag of the reel. Indeed it is good times right now.

    Saturday and Sunday the sun has come out around 12-1 and made the conditions wonderful. For those into thresher fishing there cruzing and hungry as indicated by the top water slashing of their tails through bait balls.
    Highly suggest letting a local shop set you up on the leader and gear to hold on to one of these what I call cheap marlins. They jump and run like a freight train and even are pretty good food if your fish freezer is not already stuffed with halibut,ling and rock fish fillets.

    They are really a super quality game fish and one is all you need to feed everyone at a big BBQ. One nice fish produces a lot of steaks. Not into the shark game and just want he fun of a wild ride and release these fish are a A plus attraction. Bonus deal is white SeaBass pick up the same baits as well and are showing up. Having the heavier gear will not hurt a bit if a big flattie or ling chomps down either. A lot of choices right now?

    On did I mention albacore are getting closer and salmon are still taking hoochies off the east end of the soquel hole>