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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: A good day for the little guys

Andrew and Nathan fishing the wharf
Matt brought Andrew and Nathan down to the wharf today to introduce them to the wonderful world of angling. They took to it quickly, as Nathan caught his first fish ever on the first drop – a baby tomcod! They had no problem hooking up a number of walleye perch – they just bit one after the other here just inside the fish cleaning table. In no time at all they’ll be reeling in record stripers – we have a feeling!

Wharf fishing today was in general great for small fish. The swell kept perch active all day all up and down the wharf – they dig the turbulence. Not much else though ’til recently. Ed notes that folks have started having luck jigging up sardines off the end in the last hour or so. A good omen to be sure! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen bait in this close before nightfall.

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Capitola: Uh. Rrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Hmmmm.

Manuel and a stringer of rock fish
Manuel fished out around what we are guessing was the mile buoy today and got close to tying with the highliner boat with this stringer of rock fish. Looks like a nice dinner or two there Manuel – congratulations!

As you may have been able to surmise, fishing on the boats was notsogood. It’s a pretty safe bet that the swell we’ve had moving in since last night is the culprit – it chased all the bait away and has made many fish close their mouths. The radio was pretty darn quiet all day today – surprising given that from what we heard there were probably around 50 boats looking for halibut out by the whistle buoy. Sheriff Larry said there were only a few lucky boats that caught fish (his was among them of course).

We are at the mercy of this swell for the moment, but like all things fishing related that could all turn on a dime. So stay tuned – it’ll change.

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Capitola: This is some of that lemonade you make when life gives you lemons

Chris, Alfredo, Brian, and rock fish and lingcod
Chris, Alfredo, and Brian highlined our rentals today with this catch of one legal ling and four rockfish. They caught these fishing with dead anchovies and squid out by the orange buoy. Given how everyone else was doing, we are guessing they were one of the few boats fishing the east side of that mark – the west side is not as productive. Good job guys!

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Capitola: Ed is a wiley magician with names

Nice people and rock fish
He can make them disappear without a trace – it is amazing!

The stenographer is flying completely solo with this photo, because Eduardo completely forgot every single detail about this photo other than that he took it this morning and that they were very nice folks. So here are the Nice Folks with their grass cod catch for the day! Grass cod are usually caught over by Bomborra so we will report this as if it were solid fact.

We have tied a string around Ed’s finger so he’ll remember to take his vitamins tomorrow.

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