Capitola: Uh. Rrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Hmmmm.

Manuel and a stringer of rock fish
Manuel fished out around what we are guessing was the mile buoy today and got close to tying with the highliner boat with this stringer of rock fish. Looks like a nice dinner or two there Manuel – congratulations!

As you may have been able to surmise, fishing on the boats was notsogood. It’s a pretty safe bet that the swell we’ve had moving in since last night is the culprit – it chased all the bait away and has made many fish close their mouths. The radio was pretty darn quiet all day today – surprising given that from what we heard there were probably around 50 boats looking for halibut out by the whistle buoy. Sheriff Larry said there were only a few lucky boats that caught fish (his was among them of course).

We are at the mercy of this swell for the moment, but like all things fishing related that could all turn on a dime. So stay tuned – it’ll change.

August 1, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports