Capitola: The lack of data is deafening

John and halibut and rock fish
John and Rudy were fishing live sardines off of Bomborra later this afternoon and caught these here. The halibut is about 5 pounds, and it looks like some nice browns. Our data problem will improve tomorrow when Big E is back on the case.

We heard that the wharf produced a halibut in the surf line today, but we have no additional details. And that’s it for the wharf!

Bait was very hard to find in the morning – Ed jigged up about 10 pieces and went out by the whistle buoy with no joy. He came back from that this afternoon and jigged up a bunch more. Bait got very very abundant later in the afternoon. It did the same thing yesterday, so for the moment you probably should jig tomorrow’s bait tonight.

August 3, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports