Capitola: A ways to go for the bucket list yet…

Eddie and Damian and flatty and rock cod
Eddie and Damian were fishing with live sardines off Soquel point and caught this 23 inch halibut along with two black and one brown rock cod. Damian said he was jigging all the bait while Eddie was getting all the fish, but he reserved a boat for Sunday so he can get his turn at bat.

It was again a slow day on the wharf though we saw a few perch and kingfish. We have had a harbor seal hanging around that’s been stealing bait – even Ed got tricked into feeding it some. It might be time to try some lures like hair razers or swim baits to discourage the little fellow.

Bait has not yet come into the wharf yet this evening and it looks a bit thinner than it did last night. This morning everyone who jigged and told said it was pretty abundant all morning long just outside the marina.

August 5, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports