Capitola: Ed catches flattie, world stops turning!

Ed and halibut
Eduardo took some well deserved time off today and went a-fishin. And a-catchin! He caught this 13 pounder fishing out in front of the harbor in his boat “Monger” (which it does) using live sardines on halibut rigs. Another boat that was fishing in the same area caught a 32 pounder – hopefully it’ll be up on Bayside. And Josh caught three ranging from 6-12 pounds there. Fish were biting on live sardines and frozen squid.

We had 10 rentals out today, but Ed was so busy doing the happy dance (and helping land said rentals) that he forgot to take any pictures or even ask any questions. He was delerious with joy obviously. So we actually just flat out do not know how our own rentals did today. Isn’t that special.

However in as much as Ed needed bait, we have all kinds of detail as to the bait situation here today. Right at this moment people are jigging up sardines off the wharf (and there are dolphins working the area too). This morning it looked like it was in the middle of the marina and toward the east side of the marina toward the edge of the kelp. Bait thinned out as the morning wore on and started bunching up again about 5-6 tonight.

No word on the wharf other than some perch, kingfish, and the aformentioned sardines. Our perpetual hope that the evening striper bite will kick in is in full force.

August 6, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports