Capitola: At this point Jojo merely thinks the fish into the boat

Jojo and Larry and halibut
Jojo and Larry highlined the private launches today with these three flatties. They caught them using live sardines on halibut rigs while fishing off both O’Neils and outside the Milie Reef. Jojo was particularly talkative about this catch as it turned out that he even out fished Sheriff Larry!

Larry is crestfallen – he only caught one fishing the second yellow buoy west of the number 3 buoy today. Don’t worry Larry – Jojo has a couple million years under his belt – he’s likely to outfish everyone.

We know of two other halibut being caught off the mile reef today, otherwise by all accounts it was a slower day in front of the harbor. Ed is hoping this means those halibut and squid are moving east toward us a bit now. We shall see.

August 7, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports