Capitola: Where the heck is the sun, gosh darnit?

Cli, Mom, and Justin
Cli, Mom, and Justin were fishing off the radio towers using shrimp fly rigs with bits of squid today. That turns out to have been a good choice – it landed them this mixed bag including some nice browns, a couple kelp greenlings, and a few coppers too.

It was one of those busy rush rush days. Do you feel an excuse coming up? Yes – it’s coming:

“I did not have many people who wanted to have their picture taken” – Ed 8/7/2010

We eventually had the whole fleet out today despite the fact that it was a cold drizzly morning with a bit of swell. While that might sound like a foreboding lede, in fact most boats came in with five to six rock cod, and most had at least a few nice browns. Boats were fishing the new buoy, the mile reef, and off O’Neils. Nobody was fishing the kelp because it was pretty swelly and it was best to stay clear of the shore.

One boat that was fishing off O’Neil’s caught a legal halibut and also reported that it released two undersized lings.

Some had no problem getting bait this morning, others had trouble. As it’s been doing for a while now the bait started thinning as the morning wore on. Doug went down to the cement ship to see if there was any down there (as there has been) – he found that it was much thinner today. We noticed that there were quite a few birds working the kelp to the east by bomborra on and off through the morning. As we mentioned nobody was fishing over there however so it’s kind of a mystery. Of particular note is that while we saw many birds, we did not notice any sea lions in there.

Nothing remarkable on the wharf – perch, kingfish, and bullheads were the order of the day. As Ed was leaving folks were starting to catch sardines off the wharf – it was about 6:30.

August 7, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports