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Jeff and Madeline and Doug and halibut
Jeff, Madeline, and Doug were fishing on their own boat up off the radio towers in 45 to 50 feet of water today and hooked up on these three flatties! They were using live sardines on halibut rigs. All these fish bit between 10:30 and 11:30 this morning. So now here’s the silly bit:

Notice how this picture is not exactly real great? Notice that Madeline is not looking at the camera? You might wonder: Hey Ed – why did you not just take ahother shot?? Well. See. Madeline was fishing with Jeff and Doug this morning and in fact brought all the luck. When they came in around noon to drop Madeline off so she could take a nap, Ed ran down to the dock with the camera to take a pic. But – No Chip!

“I was too busy! Boats were coming in. I had no time to pay attention to this” – Ed 8/8/2010

So they went back out to fish and Madeline took a nap. When the got back in (with no new fish) and Ed went to take a picture (with chip), Madeline was no longer in any mood for his foolishness. Hence the cold shoulder you see here. Way to go, Eduardo ;)

Stenographer: How many rentals out today Ed?

Ed; 12 – I am certain of that.

Stenographer: Any skunks on the rentals?

Ed: I was too busy to notice or even ask!

Stenographer: Did you notice any fish at all there Ed??

Ed: There were some rock cod

Bait was in tight pockets this morning, and just an hour ago folks started jigging them up off the wharf.

The wharf has been the ususal: perch perch perch.

August 8, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports