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Capitola: The smart money hangs onto those kingfish – woot!

Peter and halibut
Peter and his buddy Dr. Stan were fishing between O’Neil’s and the number three buoy today in about 50-60 feet of water. They too had a hard time finding bait outside the marina, and they kept some kingfish for bait. And they too hooked up on a flattie. However, this flattie weighed 27.5 pounds (!!) which completely cements these two into the highliner position for today. Wow.

This fish bit between 9:30 and 10:00 am. After that things slowed down and they were went out a bit further. They reeled in about 60 small sand dabs before 5:00pm.

One of the other boats said they saw some boats catch halibut outside the mile reef as well.

We had 12 boats out in total today. All but one had brown rock cod. Of the boats where we counted, we saw one with 6, one with 13, and one with 1. The boat that did not catch rock cod had kingfish, sardines, and a mackerel, all caught just outside the marina.

Bait as we’ve mentioned was very hard to find. Kingfish were legion on the bottom just outside the marina and somewhat along the shore heading around the point. We don’t really know where the sardines are at the moment – we just hope they’ll be back soon.

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Capitola: When in Rome…

Rich and Jake and halibut and lings
Rich and Jake were fishing along the edge of the kelp in front of O’Neil’s using some live kingfish they jigged up outside the marina. They had no luck finding sardines, so they made due with what was plentiful. This is a pretty nice haul for the day, but they are not today’s highliners. For that, see the next post.

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Capitola: Wharf – something happened!!

Sam and striped bass
Sam caught the only thing of significance off the wharf today aside from the usual perch. He caught this eight pounder using a frozen sardine on a sliding rig down in the surf line. From what we’ve seen the last few weeks, Sam owns! Nice catch Sam!.

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