Capitola: No Picture??? Yep – Ed hits another homer

We had 9 boats out today with perhaps as many as three skunks (unless you want to count kingfish and sardines, in which case we had none). The boat that had the most fish had 20 little rock fish – mostly browns with some blacks. They were fishing around the orange buoy using shrimp fly rigs with bits of squid.

We had one highliner boat – senior moment for Ed with the name – that came in with a 10 pound halibut and four nice browns. They were fishing with frozen anchovies off O’Neil’s just outside the kelp bed.

The wharf was pretty slow as well – just some tiny little kingfish, some sand soles, and no bait fish as yet. But the good news is that the seas have been pretty flat in here – this morning there were some small squid around the floating dock. Ed has high hopes that something interesting will move in here soon.

Sardines were hard to get (but not impossible) outside the marina today. They appear to have all moved down toward New Brighton and further toward the cement ship. We had one private boat say that they jigged up a mess of bait down there and fished all day with it to no avail.

Sardines may not be all they’re cracked up to be these days however – yesterday we had that huge flatty come in on a 5 inch kingfish, and today the stenographer farmed a large one at the boat (faulty leader) with the same bait. It might be a good idea to try to replicate that experiment – kingfish have been good lately. You can get them outside the marina just off the bottom using a sabiki.

August 12, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports