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Capitola: The trick is to have Ed bump your boat

Dave and halibut
Dave caught this 22 pound flatty exactly where you see it here – by the second yellow can off the point! Ed took this photo as he was out enjoying a little well deserved R and R on the water. Beautiful fish Dave!

You should be aware that this was going to be Ed’s drift. He’s grumbling. I was gonna go there, darnit. He did four drifts here, but they only produced one small ling and one small rock cod. Oh well – it certainly was nice fishing weather as you can see.

Bait was MUCH easier to get this morning outside the marina – just drop a sabiki somewhere and eventually you loaded up. The kingfish were a little farther out – a fact the stenographer would have been happier to have known before he spent half the bleep bleep morning trying to find them. But: kingfish are still abundant – just farther out and of course on the bottom.

There was some bait coming into the wharf at the end of the day – not thick, but jiggable off the wharf.

Tomorrow is supposed to still be flat and calm like it was today and the day before that – fingers crossed. It has been amazing for fishing.

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Capitola: John rolls a boxcar!

John and striped bass
This is John’s sixth striper off the wharf this year! He caught this legal striper using a live sardine on a sliding rig in the surf line. Nice catch John!

The bait John was using was courtesy of our Mr. Ed – he brought in a bunch of leftover live stuff from the little expedition he went on today. Thanks Ed!

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Capitola: That is one big clump of grass!

Dan and grass cod
Dan caught this 4.5 pound grass cod fishing with strips of squid on a white shrimp fly rig off Bomborra today – we’re thinking it bit later in the afternoon. We had a surprising amount of boats out today – nearly the entire fleet! Needless to say, our crew was somewhat unprepared for this, so we did not really do a good job of surveying the catch. Quite a few boats did have rock cod, and we know of one that had 20 of them.

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Do not adjust your set, yadda yadda….

Ed went on an emergency mission to replace the camera. We have three posts to do yet today but Ed needs to get the camera replaced before Best Buy closes. Too much information, yes? We aim to please :)

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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